Metalé ornamenten en Metalé wall deco & wall hanger

Geometric and abstract shapes  are totally ‚hot‘ to combine with each other in the interior. You see them suddenly appear everywhere on texile, but also in home accessories such as ornaments, wall decorations, coasters and other decorative products. Vivant offers several possibilities within the theme ‚Noble Native‘.

Metalé ornament

Geometric figures provide extra depth and a 3D effect in the interior. Want to be sure of an eye-catcher in your home? Use the Metalé ornaments! Mix & match the four different handmade designs and enrich the room! For example, hang the ornaments in the Christmas tree or on a couple of branches. The combination with wood gives the interior a quiet and friendly look.

Metalé wall deco & hanger

Use the residential trend of geometric shapes to make that boring white wall in the house more attractive. Create an unique and modern atmosphere by hanging our handmade Metalé wall hanger or Métale wall deco. Give your interior a personal touch by decorating the wallhanger yourself! Use materials and colors that suits you best. The macramé or cotton lurex twist cord are, among other things, very suitable for this.

Metalé decorations en Metalé coasters en lint

Metalé coaster

A beautifully set table and delicious food are important ingredients for a successful dinner. The Metalé coasters will help you with this! Give your table a chic look by using this handmade decoration as the centerpiece. With the holidays in mind, these coasters are a real addition to your table decor.

Metalé decoration & ribbon

Possibilities abound with the Metalé decorations! Combine with the Metalé coasters by scatter them on the table, tie them around a candle or bottle, or use as napkin decoration. The season of presents has arrived! Pack your most beautiful gifts with our shimmering Metalé ribbon or use the handmade decorations to pimp your packages. The giftpackaging will be a gift itself to receive.

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