Cords & Rope

Baker’s twine, macramé rope, or sewing string?

Vivant offers a wide range of cords and ropes for different sectors. Our cords are suitable for various applications such as packaging, braiding, tying, and macramé, including lacing cord for florists’ or baker’s twine for kitchen supply shops (to give tasty treats a vintage look). We also have thin, twisted satin cord to create luxury packaging for your cosmetics or as an addition to clothing.

Packaging cord and decorative rope

You can create unique packaging with cords from this collection. If you want a hand-made look for your packaging, try out the jute cord, seagrass cord, or raffia. We also make bead cord and round cord with fantastic designs to decorate gifts. Decorative cords in any colour and material can be used as matching decorations for packaging and shop windows! At Vivant, you’ve come to the right place for special cords and rope with the look you’re looking for!

Functional cord and DIY ideas

Vivant is also the place to be for cords that you can use as haberdashery. Our cotton wax cord, twisted satin cord, or elastic cord can be used as decoration for uniforms, shoes, or other garments.

Use Flaxcord or twisted cotton cord to make your own hanging basket, dreamcatcher, or other macramé creation. Our cord is available in any colour as a matching item in your interior!

Our creative customers also use our cord and rope to braid baskets (Seagrass cord), as a curtain cord (Cotton twist), jewel cord (satin Collier cord), or as an original variation of bias tape (100% cotton tassel cord).

Check out the cords collection below for even more inspiration!

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