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Cotton Twist cord: a thin or thick-twine, two-tone cord made of pure cotton for all your practical and craft applications.

In traditional colours, the Cotton Twist cord is better known as kitchen twine or baker’s twine. Cotton Twist cord belongs to the Vivant Basic Cords collection.

Cotton Twist cord (item number: 1047) is purchased by buyers in the food industry, the confectionery industry, and kitchen supply shops as twine for cooking or baking. The traditional colours of the cooking twine are red and white, green and white, blue and white, and black and white. It’s used for tying rolled meat, tying herb pouches, and in biscuit and pastry packaging. The contrast of the twisted cord means it’s always easy to see and remove from prepared food.

The cord is also often used for decorative and craft applications, such as gift labels and macramé creations, or to make bows for tea-light holders or jars. As the cord is available in many colours and is multi-purpose, it’s fantastic for practical and craft applications.

Vivant supplies Cotton Twist in the traditional colours as well as ‘candy’ and Christmas colours. You can choose from a range of 9 colours, with white as the basic colour.

The small reels (2 millimetre by 50 metre format) are extremely charming.

The cone-shaped, kraft-paper reel for the 2 millimetre by 500 metre format gives the item an authentic look. The cords have a thickness of 6 millimetres and 20 millimetres and are rolled up in a bundle.

Color chart

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