Flaxcord (jute cord) / (Basic) Cords

Flaxcord: a naturally twined jute cord for all your decorative and practical applications.

Flaxcord is a popular rope in the Vivant Basics collection.

Our bestselling Flaxcord (item number: 1150) is a fixture in many of our customers’ collections. The cord is widely used and sold in the garden and flower trade. The rope consists of biodegradable fibres and is perfect for wrapping, knotting, and hanging up objects. It is also sold in many gift shops to package gifts and to give them a rustic, artisanal appearance. When wrapped around jars and glasses, Flaxcord gives your interior design an authentic look. Create your own plant pendant in any colour you like!

This cord is very competitively priced. Flaxcord by Vivant is made of natural fibre, which means that the colours may differ slightly in each product.

You can choose from 20 beautiful colours in a thickness of 4 millimetres. We offer retail packaging wrapped on bamboo stick (± 25 metres) or for a large bulk packaging of 1 kilogram (± 470 metres). The solid colours are also available in a 1-millimetre version (Flaxcord XS). We also have a twisted two-tone and three-tone Flaxcord available. As we stock this item, we can deliver extremely quickly. This durable and strong jute rope is multifunctional.

Color chart

1150 1151 Flaxcord Flax cord XS tricolor

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