Basics: special products for decorating, embellishing, and packaging

The Basics collection by Vivant contains all of our top decorative products. This collection brings together all of the must-have ribbons, strings, table runners and fabrics, bags and boxes, and paper and decorations.

The items in the Basics collection by Vivant provide endless possibilities for decorating and creating chic packaging and great designs. Each product is designed to make your product shine. The colour palette is added to each season with the latest trend colours. Make endless combinations with the products from our Party collection, Autumn & Winter collection, or Spring & Summer collection. Wow your customers with your creativity, designed with the Basics by Vivant.

Basic ribbons and basic cords

These basic items by Vivant are specially designed for professional users, with an extensive choice of solid colours and materials at a competitive price.

They’re perfect as an addition to bolder designs and for packaging, tying, hanging up objects, and decorating. Satin, Grosgrain, Organza, and Voile are Vivant’s most authentic basic ribbons.

Paper cord, Cotton wax, and Flaxcord: each is recognized by our regular customers as a must-have from the Basic cords collection. Click on the boxes below to browse our collection of basic ribbons and cords.

Basic table runners and fabrics

If you’re looking for a coaster or banner that perfectly matches your shop’s interior design or decoration, then look no further: our basic table runners and fabrics are available in many colours and various materials. Whether transparent for a more subdued space, tight-weave for a cosy winter setting, or taupe or even olive green: Vivant has the right products for you if you want the perfect colour to set the scene.

DIY with basic bags, carrying bags, and basic paper

If you love getting creative and want to make an original present for a new-born baby, or even if you’re looking for a fantastic, no-fuss design as a basis for a goody bag, our basic items can be combined in endless ways and embellished with tags, string, and other beautiful decorations.


Basic ribbons

Discover our basic ribbons in a wide range of sizes and colours to create professional, stylish embellishments and packaging.

Basic bags & boxes

Discover our basic gift boxes and bags in a wide range of sizes and colours for professional packaging.


Basic cords

Whether for flower binding, packaging, or string to hang up and tie something: check the bestsellers in our basic cords collection.

Basic paper

Check out our hand-made sheets of paper and industrially made wrapping paper on roll in a wide range of colours.

Basic runners & fabrics

Beautiful, high-quality, basic table runners and fabrics in a wide colour palette and different sizes for retailers and retail groups.

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