Vivant natural paper

Nature paper as wrapping paper and hobby paper

Besides the use to wrap a gift, this qualitative paper can also be used for many other applications. For example, as an insert sheet or wrap for luxury clothing boxes and gift boxes, as hobby material for scrapbooking or to decorate floral arrangements, wind lights or to decorate home accessories. Our water-repellent Coated silk paper has been specially developed for wrapping bouquets. Placemats of the beautiful Silk paper are available for the catering industry or wholesale trade.

Silk paper as packaging material

Especially for packaging bottles, clothing, scarves, jewelery and all kinds of other gift items, our lace paper or ‘Silk paper’ is often used as protective paper. This natural paper is slightly thicker than the well-known tissue paper. The fibers of the mulberry tree give the hand-made paper a natural and luxurious character. Because our lace paper is available in a wide range of colors and with different designs, you will always find a pattern or color that you are looking for.

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