Love garland with pompons and ribbons

Celebrate love with Valentine’s Day decorations! Discover our Sweet Appeal collection full of hearts, sweet texts and golden details.

 DIY garland

Create a cozy and sweet atmosphere with a homemade garland. Easy to make and instantly space-filling. Combine different cords, ribbons and other decorations that exude love for you. Vivant has some lovely items you could use for this. Ribbons like Vellu love ribbon with golden hearts and the more transparent shiny Glynn ribbon make a great base for the garland. Add Re-use cord in colors such as pink or white. The lurex details in this cord provide a luxurious look. Last but not least, the decorations and ornaments. Wind handmade Heart pompon ornaments and Heart doble pompons between the ribbons and cords. The garland will now have more volume. And for a lucky touch, our Lucky decoration. Available in natural wood color and gold. What a festive occasion!

Valentine decoration with love ribbons and decorations

Gift wrapping

Make the packaging part of the Valentine’s Day gift. The more effort you put into the presentation, the more the presentation becomes a part of the gift. Within our assortment we have beautiful paper, such as Wax paper, Marbre paper, Banana paper or Silk paper. All in a great range of colors. Pimp the wrapped gift with luxury ribbons like Amoré ribbon or Love written ribbon. Or go for a more natural look with Juco cord or With love ribbon. There is something for everyone!

Besides ribbons and cords, we also have decorations to spice up your gift. Stick a Heart pompon in red, pink or cream on the package or tie a modern taupe or brique elastic cord around it with a catchy text such as, With love, Alles liebe, For you or Für dich.

With Valentine’s Day, it’s the actions behind the thought.

Valentine love ribbons and cords

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