Gift wrap to wrap your most beautiful gifts!

Traditionally Vivant supplies luxury packaging materials such as silk paper, handmade wrapping paper and other paper decoration products such as garlands, table runners and gift tags. Since a decade Vivant Decorations also makes stylish wrapping paper on roll. In most cases, both consumer rolls and large consumption rolls are available for wholesale, department stores and retail chains.

To receive or give a gift is even more fun when it is wrapped in an elegant and original gift wrap! With two collections per year, Vivant continuously creates new designs for the latest fashion trends so that you are assured of unique and trendy gift paper.

Natural paper such as handmade and tissue paper

Besides the use to package a gift, our qualitative natural paper can also be used for many other applications. For example, as an insert sheet or wrap for luxury clothing boxes and gift boxes, as hobby material for scrapbooking or to decorate floral arrangements, wind lights or to decorate home accessories. Our water-repellent Coated silk paper has been specially developed for wrapping bouquets. Placemats made of the beautiful Silk paper are available for the catering industry or wholesale. Some articles within the Vivant paper collection are made into a deco paper ribbon on a roll such as our Silk paper and Banana paper.


Gift wrap

Luxury gift paper on consumer rolls or rolls for high consumption for wholesalers and retail with designs according to the latest trends.


Vivant natural paper

Traditionally Vivant supplies luxury packaging material and special paper such as tissue paper and handmade paper in sheets.

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