Voile cornet bag / Bags and boxes

The Voile cornet bag is a favourite item from the Basic Bags & Boxes collection by Vivant. 

It is used as a gift bag or as packaging for small gifts.

The Voile cornet bag (item number: 4335C) is very popular with our customers in wholesaler, retail, and the manufacturing industry.

These organza cone bags are popular as gift bags for packaging soaps, sweets, charms, or jewellery.

These transparent, organza gift bags have a beautiful sheen and satin ribbon drawstring. so that you can package gifts easily and quickly.

These plain voile bags are often used to pack ‘thank you’ presents for guests at a wedding, christening, or baptism.

Vivant’s Voile cornet bag pair extremely well with the Uni and Carat cone bags, offering a stylish way to package sweets or cosmetics.

There is a wide range of organza bags available in Vivant’s collection. Besides these cone-shaped, organza bags, we offer voile block bags and voile flat bags in various sizes and colours.

The Voile cornet bag comes in 10 colours. Whether you’re looking for a lemon-yellow gift bag as a bag for sweets or a lavender-coloured gift bag to pack the perfect cosmetic gift: we have you covered.

The Voile cornet bag is available in 3 sizes: 5 centimetres x 10 centimetres, 22 centimetres x 15 centimetres, and a larger version measuring 37 centimetres x 24.5 centimetres.

Depending on the size of the bag, they have about 2-to-4 centimetre edge at the top after the satin ribbon has been pulled shut.

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