Voile blockbag / Bags and boxes

If you’re looking for some eye-catching packaging for a small gift, then the translucent Voile Block bag is the perfect way to make sure your present stands out.

The Voile block bag (item number: 4335B) has become a standard buy for many customers in retail, wholesale, and the manufacturing industry.

The block base makes this luxury organza packaging very suitable for holding tubes and bottles, perfume boxes, and other beauty packaging.

It’s a favourite pouch for jewellers’, perfume shops, and gift shops.

These transparent, organza gift bags have a beautiful sheen and a round, satin cord drawstring.

These monochrome bags are often used to carry jewellery boxes, package baptism or christening presents, as gift bags, and to package ‘thank you’ gifts for guests to wedding parties.

There is a wide range of organza bags available within Vivant’s collection. We stock block bags, flat bags, and cone bags in various sizes and colours.

These Voile bags are available in a wide palette of almost 30 colours. We supply pastel-coloured bags for packaging cosmetics and Easter-themed items, green, gold, or red organza bags, and bags in traditional Christmas colours for packaging the perfect Christmas gift.

The Voile block bag is available in 2 sizes: 14 centimetres x 9 centimetres x 3.5 centimetres and 26 centimetres x 14 centimetres x 4 centimetres.

Color chart

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