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Velvetta ribbon with a majestic appearance is a luxury ribbon within the Vivant collection. This rich ribbon is great for decorating home accessories and as a packaging ribbon.

Velvetta ribbon (art. 4299) is a tightly woven ribbon with horizontal embossing lines, creating a repeating pattern of velvety squares. This sturdy ribbon is mainly used as a decorative ribbon, as a band on garments or interior accessories and as a ribbon for packaging. Especially during the Christmas period it is often used as a wrapping ribbon. In many segments within the retail sector – from drugstores to hobby stores – Velvetta is a rewarding usage ribbon. Hobby users, for example, use this ribbon in trendy floral arrangements or as a decorative item on clothing or plaids. Velvetta ribbon comes in 3 beautiful colors. In the traditional Christmas color (deep) red, moss green and silver gray.

This ribbon is 9 millimeters wide and is available in rolls of 10 meters.

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