Velvet nura table runner / Table runners, fabric & banners

The striped Velvet nura table runner has a rich appearance due to the foil print and the soft quality. It is a beautiful runner for retail and wholesale.

The print on the Velvet nura table runner (item 5360) consists of finely printed dots and stripes in gold foil. It has the well-known soft and luxurious look of velvet or velvet that everyone recognizes. Historical associations with royal cloaks, luxurious armchairs and heavy curtains are come up. Typical of this material is the beautiful touch and depth of the material that sometimes seems to absorb light. In fashion houses you can see velveteen and velvet again, it is back in fashion. Partly because of this, a real run on this article has arisen within wholesale and many retail segments. Besides ‘winters’ the velvet deluxe runner is also chic and festive. Because the fabric width is cut back to 40mm and 70mm ribbons and 28cm table runners, not every roller has the same pattern which gives a playful effect when you use multiple ribbons or deco runners together.

This beautiful table runner is available in 3 beautiful colors. A traditional cognac-brown velvet color, dark green and warm pink with golden stripes. Besides the Velvet nura runner there is also the Velvet nura ribbon and the Velvet Pine which is also cut from the same fabric. The Velvet nura runner has a width of 28 cm with a length of 2.5 meters or a length of 5 meters. The cut runner is closed with a matching velvet deluxe bow.

Color chart

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