Velvet deluxe ribbon / (Basic) Ribbons

Velvet Deluxe ribbon is an elegant new addition to the Basics collection by Vivant.This gorgeous ribbon is beautiful as a home decoration or as a packaging ribbon.


Velvet Deluxe ribbon (item number 5354) is already a star in our users’ collections. They use the ribbon mainly as a decorative ribbon and for packaging. Hobbyists buy this ribbon to make trendy garlands, bunting, or as a decorative element on clothing or cushions. Velvet Deluxe is widely used in many segments within the retail sector, from jewellers’ to gift shops.


Thanks to its width and monochrome palette, Velvet Deluxe is a basic item and is available in 11 stunning colours: from traditional Christmas colours such as deep red and dark green to interior colours from olive green to petrol and cognac. Velvet Deluxe ribbon comes in 3 sizes with a cut edge: in 25 millimetres, 40 millimetres, and a wide ribbon of 70 millimetres. Available on rolls of 5 metres.

Color chart

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