Velmance table runner / Tafellopers, stoffen & banners

Baroque Velmance table runner with a luxurious look and supremely soft touch. This is an embossed runner for retail sector and wholesalers.

This Velmance table runner (art. 5357) has the characteristically soft, luxury look of velvet with an ornamemental embossing that remains ever popular and evokes historical associations with wallpaper, royal robes, luxury chairs, and opulent drapes. Typical of this material is its beautiful nap and depth.
Velvet makes a comeback time and time again in the fashion world, and it’s very much in this year. This may explain why wholesalers and many retail segments are eager to get their hands on this item.
Besides adding some winter vibe, the Velvet Deluxe runner is a chic addition to any party décor. Thanks to some solid colours, this runner matches almost any interior decoration or table decoration.

This decorative runner is available in 3 beautiful colours: dark rose, taupe and crème.
The elegant item has a width of 28 centimetres, a length of 2.5 metres, and is tied with a matching Velvet Deluxe bow.

Color chart

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