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Christmas ribbon Vellu Christmas is a ribbon with a suede appearance with golden Christmas message in golden foil letters in 5 colors.
Christmas ribbon Vellu Christmas is a cheerful text ribbon within the Christmas collection of Vivant. Beautiful for decoration of home accessories and as a packaging ribbon for the Christmas period.

Vellu Christmas ribbon (item 5364) is a cut text ribbon with a striking Christmas message in sleek gold letters. The golden star between the messages completes this design. This dense ribbon has a surface with a soft appearance that sits between velvet and suede. This sturdy ribbon is mainly used as a decoration and packaging ribbon during the Christmas season. During the Christmas season, the large size is mainly used as a decorative ribbon in interiors and for large gifts. In many segments within the retail industry – from chocolatier to perfumery – Vellu Christmas is a rewarding Christmas item.

Hobby users use Vellu Christmas Christmas ribbon, for example, in Christmas wreaths or as a decorative ribbon on cushions or as a decorative ribbon over the table during the holidays.

Vellu Christmas ribbon is available in 5 beautiful colors. In the traditional Christmas color (deep) red but also in black, sand, brandy and old pink with gold foil text. This ribbon is available in 15mm and 40mm width and is available on rolls of 5 meters.

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