Uni paper flower bag / Bags and boxes

Uni paper flower bag is part of Vivant’s ‘smooth kraft paper’ theme. The square, laminated bag makes for dazzling flower packaging or a stunning gift bag.

The Uni paper flower bags (item number: 0121B) are square gift bags made of brown kraft paper. This innovative packaging item is very popular with wholesalers and customers in the floriculture sector. The Uni paper flower bags has a waterproof coating on the inside. They can be used as gift bags no matter the season or celebration.

The Uni paper flower bags are mainly used as gift bags for small and larger bouquets as well as houseplants. Flowers really come into their own in this plain, kraft-paper gift bag.

Besides being used as plant bags, these paper bags are suitable as cosmetics packaging. Pair with an organza bag to add that extra hint of luxury. They can even be used as a carrying bag for chocolate boxes or jewellery boxes.

The Uni paper flower bag comes in brown kraft paper with in 2 sizes. The smallest size is 10.5 centimetres x 10.5 centimetres x 10.5 centimetres, while the largest is 13 centimetres x 13 centimetres x 13 centimetres. Besides the Uni paper flower bag, we supply a Uni paper cone bag that’s perfect for holding flowers.

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