Soft paper pouch+ / (Basic) bags & boxes

Soft paper pouch+: hand-made paper pouches for creating fantastic home decorations and gift wrap.

An original plant packaging from the Bags & Boxes collection by Vivant.

Soft paper pouch+ (item number: 5703B) is a hand-made paper plant bag with a deckle edge and matching paper cord. The deckle edge and wrinkled paper give the pockets a natural, artisanal look.

This ecological paper is made from the young, fast-growing shoots of the mulberry tree, ensuring that the trees themselves are preserved.

The layer of plastic on the inside means the pouch is suitable for carrying plants and blowers.

The Soft paper pouch+ is an original variation on the traditional plant pot. These paper bags are a popular plant packaging with customers in the flower sector as well as garden centres. The crushed paper bag is sold as a kitchenware item for packaging herbs or as an interior decoration to hold succulents or cacti. Besides flower packaging, this pouch can be used as a decorative bread bag or as a paper gift bag.

This favourite Vivant item is very competitively priced. We also supply a display box that can be used for point-of-purchase displays or placed anywhere else in your shop.

The Soft paper pouch+ comes in 15 colours. We offer both beautiful grey tones, such as antique pink and grey mint, as well as fresh spring colours such as petrol, pink, and grass green.

These plant bags enable you to transform the plants in your house into trendy eye-catchers in no time as a plant pendant or flower stand. The wide colour range ensures that there’s always a design for your interior.

The smallest pouch can hold a plant pot with a diameter of 10.5 centimetres, while the middle size is suitable for a flowerpot with a diameter of 14.5 centimetres

The Soft paper pouch+ XL is available in ecru, sand, and grey. The largest size in the collection can hold a pot with a diameter of 25 centimetres.

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