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Round Elastic cord: a round cord with elastic for decorative and functional use. Stretchy, smooth, elastic cord from the Vivant Basic cords collection.

Our wholesale and retail customers purchase Round Elastic cord (item number: 1171) as a luxury twine and colourful craft item. This versatile, elastic cord is used for many different purposes, such as for tying bouquets, packaging baptism and christening gifts, and in crafts and jewellery making. Round Elastic cord is also great for making bespoke, pre-made gift decorations. Pre-made decorative straps that can be quickly and easily slid over gift boxes save time, shortening production time or saving you from queueing in shops at Christmas.

Round Elastic cord by Vivant provides high quality at a competitive price. It is available in a wide palette of 14 colours, 11 of which are solid matt colours and three shiny colours (gold copper and silver). The cord is available on rolls of 100 metres. The 1mm variant is available in the same 3 metallic tones and 7 beautiful trend colors.

Color chart

round elastic koord in 1mm en 2mm op rol

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