Lino ribbon / (Basic) Ribbons

Tight-weave Lino ribbon from the Basics ribbon collection by Vivant.Use as a packaging ribbon or craft material to give a gift or DIY project a natural look.

Our customers love to tie the Lino ribbon (item number 5404) as a gift bow to give their products an authentic look. The weave and look of this cut ribbon are reminiscent of jute or linen. This basic ribbon is often sold in the packaging industry and retail sector. Professional users love using Lino to decorate wreaths and floral arrangements and to enhance gifts.

The Lino ribbon series is particularly attractively priced and is available in 8 colours of beautiful, earthy tones as well as a few stand-out colours such as pink and sea blue. Available in widths of 15, 25, and 40 mm. Thanks to its gorgeous, natural look, you can use this gift ribbon for almost any purpose.

Color chart

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