Lahnband (wired) / (Basic) Ribbons

Lahnband wire ribbon to make beautiful wide bows and other decorations. Traditionally a hit in Vivant’s ribbon collection.

Lahnband wire ribbon (art. 5728) has a tremendous attraction in the shelves due to its radiant effect.
The ribbon has a strong reflective capacity which makes it look like metal. It works beautifully in artificial light. This ribbon cannot be missed on the shelves of department stores and garden centers.
Jewelers, perfumery and chocolate shops are major consumers of this ribbon with wire. With its sparkling effect, it is also a favorite Christmas and Santa Claus ribbon. Often for sale at gift shops and department stores.
In addition to packaging ribbon, Lahnband w / e is also beautiful as a decorative ribbon in wreaths and Christmas pieces. The thread in the edge makes it possible to make beautiful bows.
This shiny deco ribbon is available in 3 colors including gold, silver and Christmas red. The ribbon is available in 5 different sizes from 15mm to 10cm wide on rolls of 25 meters.

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