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Sprinkle dots cord: decorative string with watted balls and lurex sprinkles for all kinds of creative applications. Merry string from the Fall Winter collection from Vivant.

Sprinkle dots cord (item 1079) is used by users in a decorative way in floral arrangements, Christmas wreaths and festive table pieces. This flexible cord is used during all kinds of festivities as festive gift decoration, interior decoration and hobby material. In retail industry and wholesale, this colorful beaded cord has been a popular decoration item for many years. The small pompons on thin iron wire are soft and the addition of the golden lurex wires makes this article even more festive. In cream color they resemble catkins of the willow. The red and green color in combination with the golden sprinkles are usually immediately associated with Christmas. This springy spring decoration gives every gift wrapping a festive addition.

Sprinkle dots cord is a variation on the Spring dots cord, traditionally a favorite Vivant article. It is available in 3 colors. Cream, dark red and dark green in combination with golden sprinkles. The diameter of a dot is about 9 millimeters. The cord is available on rolls of 10 meters.

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