Double face satin / (Basic) Ribbons

Double-face satin: the multipurpose ribbon. The Double-face ribbon is one of the familiar classics from Vivant’s Basics collection.

This Double-face satin (item number 3301) is a popular ribbon both in its unprinted version and printed version with a company logo. The ribbon owes its name to the fact that the front and back can be used as the ‘right’ side. The fine edge and the quality of the satin create a luxurious look. Chocolatiers and bakeries use the ribbon to give a special finishing touch to their packaging as bows for chocolate boxes. Double-face satin is also often used as a decorative ribbon by gift and flower sellers, as well as in the clothing industry.

Double-face satin ribbon is a basic item with a fantastic price-quality ratio. You can choose from more than 55 glossy colours, which are supported by trend colours every year. Available in 6 widths from 3 millimetres to 38 millimetres on rolls of 25 metres. Besides these standard rolls, we have 100-metre ‘pancake’ rolls in stock and provide small-format Double-face satin rolls on request.

Color chart

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