Cotton wax 5mm / (Basic) Cords

Cotton Wax cord: a sturdy, round, cotton cord for professional and creative applications.

Cotton Wax is a flat cord with a wax layer. This flat, multifunctional cord belongs to the Vivant Cords collection.

The Cotton Wax cord (item number: 1117) has a very broad buyer base, being popular with florists’, jewellers’, the clothing industry, craft shops, and department stores. The cord consists of thick, pure, braided cotton with a thin layer of wax, producing a leather look. As a multipurpose product, this basic, flat, waxed cord is very useful for packaging or tying objects and looks fantastic in combination with beads or as a string for Easter ornaments or Christmas tags.

Vivant’s Cotton Wax is a natural, smooth cord with a glossy, transparent top layer. We stock the cord in warm-red, black, and cream. The cord is bundled in balls of 5 metres and is also available in rolls of 25 metres.

Color chart

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