Cotton pompons / Decorations

Cotton Pompons are pendants by Vivant made of plain cotton in 2 sizes. Original party decoration from Vivant’s collection of decorations. 

These cute Cotton Pompons (item number: 1043) are available in a set of 6 small pom-poms and in a larger size of 8 centimetres (as individual pom-poms). Both sizes come with a cord to hang up the pom-poms or tie them to a present.

These hand-made pompons are often purchased by wholesalers and retailers to pair with matching 100% cotton products by Vivant – often as an original addition to their range of party products. They’re also fantastic as a tag for a birthday gift or gift for a new baby. These lovely ornaments can also be combined with other Easter decorations, such as our Fancy Bunny tags or cotton tassels.

These small, plain pom-poms are available in 5 colours: red, turquoise, orange, green, and ecru. In addition to these pompons, we supply lurex versions that are sold under the name Cotton Pompons Deluxe.

Pom-poms are part of the themed items made from our cotton cord. We also have a Cotton Pompon garland, Cotton Pompon ornament, and cotton tassels.

One pom-pom pendant measures about 3.5 centimetres x 12 centimetres in length. The large pom-pom has a diameter of 8 centimetres and is 14 centimetres long, including the loop.

Color chart

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