Cotton lurex twist 4mm / Cords

Cotton lurex twist cord: a twisted lurex cord made of pure cotton with lurex accents for professional and hobby use. Cotton lurex twist cord is a natural rope from the (Basic) cord collection from Vivant.

Cotton lurex twist cord (art. 1050) is widely sold within all segments of the retail and wholesale trade. This luxury rope consists of pure cotton with lurex and is often used in the hobby sector and packaging industry. This versatile shiny cord can be used for almost anything. To wrap presents, to tie bracelets, to close gift packaging or as a tie cord. As an accent on a ribbon or wrapped several times around a beautiful gift paper, you make a gift even more special.

Cotton twist cord is a successful sales item from Vivant. The price is very favorable. You can choose from a color line of 14 colors, always processed with gold silver or copper lurex. The 2 mm layout in small 50-meter spools with a kraft paper tube are nice to see. The choice for a conical kraft paper spool as a layout for the 300 meters ensures an authentic appearance of the cord.

This fall, there is an addition of the 4 mm thick cotton lurex rope in four colors, with the 25 m twisted on a spool and the large layout chosen for a 150-meter sphere. 4mm Cotton lurex cord is available in ecru, taupe, red and dark green with gold lurex.


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