Cotton deluxe flatbag / Bags and boxes

The Cotton Deluxe flat bags are gift bags from the basic Bags & Boxes collection by Vivant.These plain gift bags are perfect for packaging smaller gifts.

Cotton Deluxe bag (item number: 2303F) is a 100% cotton bag that is often used by our customers as a decorative perfumed sachet (for lavender or potpourri). The Cotton Deluxe is a tight-weave cotton bag, so that your gift remains a surprise.

It’s perfect for packaging jewellery, gems, and small gifts.

The Cotton Deluxe flat bag comes in three sizes:

the smallest bag is available in 10 centimetres x 7 centimetres, the middle in 12 centimetres x 9 centimetres, and the largest in 17 centimetres x 12 centimetres.

These high-quality, basic, cotton gift bags come in 6 colours,

including natural ecru, plain red, and black cotton.

Color chart

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