Cotton blended / (Basic) Cords

Cotton Blended: a twisted, cotton cord for all your practical, craft, and decorative applications.

Cotton Blended is a blended, natural rope in the Vivant Cords collection.


Cotton Blended (item number: 1060) is often purchased by garden centres, the textile industry, department stores, and craft shops. The rope consists of 100% cotton and is suitable for tying, hanging up objects, and decorating. This cord gives a natural twist to any packaging or favourite interior item, such as vases or a flower pot. Crochet your own bread basket or furnishing basket with this beautiful, mixed, cotton rope.


Cotton Blended from Vivant is a natural cord made of 100% cotton. The two-tone, twisted rope gives a fantastic, striped look.

You can choose from 5 beautiful colour combinations with a black, cream, sand, or brown base and a contrasting blend. The red-and-white version makes for beautiful Christmas decorations! The cord is rolled up in bundles in a width of 3 millimetres and length of 20 metres.

Color chart

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