New Coated silk / Vivant natuurpapier

New Coated silk paper is a favourite item with our customers in the flower trade thanks to its high quality and large palette of 50 colours. This favourite basic item is part of the paper collection by Vivant.

Vivant’s Coated silk paper (item number: 3701) consists of laminated tissue paper featuring clearly visible mulberry-tree fibres. The base of this silk paper comes from the fast-growing shoots of the mulberry tree and is produced in a traditional, sustainable way. The waterproof lamination means the paper is suitable for use in the flower industry. The gift paper is used in garden centres and by florists’, such as a paper for bouquets or as part of a flower arrangement. It can also be used to line luxury clothing boxes or for ties and cosmetics.

This paper comes in a large palette of up to 15 colours, including natural colours such as ecru and taupe and more vibrant hues of lemon yellow and pink. The sheets of Coated Silk measure 70 centimetres x 50 centimetres.

Color chart

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