Carat paper flower bag / Bags and boxes

Carat Paper Flower bag is part of the Carat paper theme by Vivant. The square, laminated bag with gold print makes for dazzling flower packaging or a stunning gift bag.

The Carat Paper Flower bags (item number: 0122B) are square paper bags which, like the monochrome version, are extremely popular with customers from the wholesale trade and the floriculture sector. The Carat Flower bag is made of kraft paper with a waterproof coating on the inside. The gold-flake pattern is reminiscent of gold leaf, giving the bag a stylish and attractive appearance. The bag’s fantastic design also means it’s on trend year-round.

The Carat Paper Flower bags are mainly used as gift bags for small and larger bouquets as well as houseplants.

Besides their use as plant holders, these bags are suitable as cosmetics packaging and as a carrying bag for chocolate boxes.

The Carat Flower bag comes in brown kraft paper with gold print in 2 sizes. The smallest size is 10.5 centimetres x 10.5 centimetres x 10.5 centimetres, while the largest is 13 centimetres x 13 centimetres x 13 centimetres.

The Carat Flower bag is part of the ‘Carat paper’ theme, which includes kraft-paper gift bags, Carat envelopes, and Carat Cone bags. Besides the carat paper theme, we supply Carat ribbon and the Carat table runner – mix and match as you like!

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