Wrapping products is always more fun with special wrapping paper. Banana paper is a luxurious, hand-made paper available in 12 beautiful colours.

Banana paper (item number: 0371) is characterized by the banana-leaf fibres that are used to make the product and give it a natural look. This natural variety means every sheet is unique. Banana paper is part of the Banana paper theme, which consists of paper bags, gift envelopes, decorative Banana paper ribbon in different widths, and paper table runners.

The natural Banana paper is mostly used by florists’, craft shops, and garden centres for wrapping flowers, scrapbooking, or gift packaging.

In short, this hand-made paper can be used in many different ways. Banana paper is available in gift wrap sheets measuring 93 centimetres x 63 centimetres in 12 different colours,

including orange, ecru, and grey-lavender.

Color chart

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