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A new season means a new look for your interior! Meet our new autumn/winter collection. In this blog we’ll tell you briefly about the main topics within the theme: Guts & Gusto’.


The Memphis trend creates a happy space with striking colorful designs, graphic and geometric prints & playful shapes. It’s a post-modern style from the 1980’s that originated from the Memphis Design group. This group consisted of a number of interior designers and architects who disagreed with the minimalist trends and clean modern lines of the time. Within our theme ‘Guts & Gusto’, this style can be recognized in different articles.

Our trendy Memphis ornaments are available in 3 sizes, each with different shapes. Brass in contrast with clay, gives the whole a luxurious and exceeding look. Yves deco fabric in a modern brique colour, Vance gift wrap paper, Livea deco ribbon, Corduluxe deco fabric & Colinto cord, all great items with inspiring prints and structures.

World well-being

Sustainability & reusability is more important than ever before. Within this theme we have items that are made from recycled and/or ecological materials. For example, we have Recycled silk fiber balls in our collection. This product is made of silk fabric remnants. For more information on the Recycled silk fiber balls, please visit:

Soft paper pouches are a real addition to your interior! They are handmade paper plant bags with matching paper cord. The ecological paper is made from young, fast-growing shoots of the mulberry tree, in order to preserve the original trees. The layer of plastic on the inside makes the bag suitable for transporting & storing plants and flowers.

“Enjoy life with the well-being of the world in mind!”

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