Fall / Winter collection

Fall / Winter collection 2022 / 2023

This page provides a first impression of Vivant’s Autumn and Winter collection. We make a new collection twice a year, bringing together the latest trends and developments in Christmas packaging, banners, ribbons, string, luxury decoration materials, and party decoration.

Explore our wide range of Autumn/Winter items, including velour table runners, autumn decorations, and table decorations especially for Christmas. These include luxury wine boxes, Christmas ribbon with foil print, and gorgeous strings as packaging material. Vivant Decorations is also the place to be for display window materials such as glitter-print banners or Christmas ornaments for wholesalers, department stores, garden centres, or retailers.

Latest trends and developments in seasonal decoration

Our Autumn/Winter collection includes a number of themes each year – the list below shows a selection. Throughout the product groups and in our Autumn/Winter collection, you will find even more gift wrap, table runners, decorations, and luxury packaging to suit every theme.

We closely follow the latest trends in fashion and interior design to make sure our collection is always up to date.

If you have any questions, please contact us directly or fill in the sales request form.

Aesthetic Autumn trend theme for FW22/23

Aesthetic Autumn

Decorate with nature as source of inspiration! Wooden leaves, mushrooms prints and different jute decorations will embrace the autumn vibes.

Jingle & Mingle trend theme FW22/23

Jingle & Mingle

Create a home with personality and charm with handmade, thoughtful and nostalgic Christmas deco. Experiment with materials like corduroy, wood, jute and metal.

Comfy cocoon trend theme AW22/23

Comfy Cocoon

Enter a cocooning atmosphere imbued with softness and serenity. Designs inspired by natural textures such as coral, mushrooms, sponges and honeycomb structures.

Beyond basic trend theme for FW22/23 collection

Beyond Basic

Express the natural primal force in shapes and materials such as raw wool, oyster shells, stones and rocks with golden veins. Surfaces of nature will guide us.

Winter glow trendtheme FW22/23 collection

Winter Glow

Let winter take over your home decor with refined wintery dried flowers, transparent materials with a subtle color gradient and add a layer of diamond dust to the whole.

Lavish Luxe theme in  FW22/23 collection

Lavish Luxe

Mix metallic nuances with soft colors and add some deeper shades of blue or sage. Luxurious handcrafts such as pompoms and tassels set the right ambiance.

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