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The three most important aspects that we see in festive decorations in 2022/2023 are the (surreal) natural world with an emphasis on sustainability, cozyness and the return to tradition. These aspects are reflected in our products and the general trend statements for 2022 and 2023. Due to another past corona year, the craving for blurring reality and dive into imagination has become stronger. In addition, saving valuable resources and protecting the environment is still key. We think that the megatrend of sustainability will be an important purchasing criterion in the future. Upcoming fall/winter, mother nature plays an important roll in all of our trend themes.

Nature as source of inspiration

Our first trend theme called Aesthetic Autumn is filled with wooden leaves like Leavente, mushroom inspired decoration like Fungo ribbon and different Jute bead items in autumnal colors like browns, briques, dark reds and soothing shades of green. Introducing those warmer colors in combination with several golden accents will bring a recharging fall feeling into your home!

In Theme Winter Glow winter will take over your home décor with refined wintery dried flowers, transparent materials with a subtle color gradient. Just add a layer of diamond dust and your winter wonderland is complete. In this theme we see refined products in overall light colours with some hints of warm pink lilac and gold. Check the complete article selection in our app4sales.

Winter glow

Comfy cocoon theme


Go for the total soothing and comfortable look. Again, attention to environmentally friendly products is important here. In our theme Comfy Cocoon, we bring some products with conscious use of resources and natural materials such as Honeycomb paper and paper bags and Papery ribbons and cords. This theme is about creating a cocooning atmosphere imbued with softness and serenity. Wrinkle effects are reflected in various natural textures such as coral, mushrooms and sponges. The simple geometry enhances the calm, almost meditative ambience.

Beyond Basic theme with its subtle neutral tones promotes comfort and offers a good platform for the more intense ice blue, brown, black and golden colors. Be inspired by structures as well as products the earth has given, reflected in wavy shell like patterns and decorations like Odicea banners and deco fabrics and Oyster ornaments. In this theme we strive to reuse products in order to preserve nature.

Lavish luxe

Charasteristic and cheerful

Ancient elements in a warm colourful look will resurrect the past. Go for a rich look with deep blues, sage greens and various shades of red with our trend theme Lavish Luxe. Luxurious handcrafts such as pompoms and tassels, beautiful re-usable deco wraps combined with gold fading items give the overall impression an historic touch. Light up the sky with an eye-catching chandelier or hanger like Metalé mobile and set the table that just speaks ‘Luxury’ and Lavishness’ by using luxurious Velvet deluxe articles, shiny cutlery and sparkling champagne.

Bring back memories with playful patterns and folklore items. Our Jingle Mingle trend theme is all about creating a space with personality and charm by adding handmade, thoughtful and nostalgic Christmas decorations. Experiment with different materials like Corduluxe deco fabric, wood, jute and metal decorations like Brass MC and Metal stars. Natural tones in combination with forest green, traditional red and sparkling gold, manifest the Christmas you truly desire. Check the complete Jingle Mingle article selection at our app4sales.

On to a conscious and cheerful Christmas!

Jingle mingle trend theme

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