Bags and boxes tailored to each industry
Although Vivant makes bags and boxes, paper bags, and praline boxes, we also supply special wine bottle bags as well as boxes, and organza bags for the cosmetics industry. Whether you’re looking for a small cotton pouch, gift box, or XL storage basket or log wood basket, Vivant is the place to be!

Chocolate boxes, wine bottle bags, and jewellery boxes
We’re specialists in making boxes and bags especially for the chocolate industry, such as praline boxes with a food-proof inlay. We develop wine bottle bags and sturdy cardboard gift packaging for drinks bottles, olive-oil bottles, and other bottles for off-licences, wholesalers in gift packaging, and department stores. The jewellery and cosmetics sector is also an important target group for Vivant, as we make jewellery boxes, voile bags for soap, or matching carrying bags.

Vivant creates new designs several times a year, based on the latest trends, so you can enjoy original carrying bags, wine bottle bags, or gift bags.

Original bags or boxes as flower packaging
Vivant developed a number of flower and plant gift packaging especially for florists’ and garden centres. The paper Soft Paper Pouch+ with plastic lining became an instant favourite. A little later, we launched the laminated ‘cube box’ as a paper plant bag in various designs. Thirdly, we added the paper cone bag to our coated paper range as an original flower packaging for small bouquets.

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