Vaderdag inspiratie

There is one day in the year that is all about dads. Sunday, June 20 is Father’s Day! The day to put all dads in the spotlight! But what kind of gift can you buy and give for Father’s Day? Vivant has collected some nice items and ideas, so it will surely be a wonderful Father’s Day.

Father’s day package

A package or gift box of various gifts is always popular. Make it personal, and put together products that make your father happy. Does your father crave his cup of coffee every morning and does he have a sweet tooth? Then fill a Vance box with treats, coffee beans and a funny coffee mug. Wrap it all up with green Wax paper and tie a Vanna ribbon with a Vellu chocolate tag around it. He’s definitely going to enjoy this!

Would you rather give your father his favorite drink? Then use Vance paper to wrap it up. We finished off with a stalwart mesh ribbon Crispy combined with some Macramé cord around it in the trendy color brique.

Vaderdag envelop en cadeaublikjes

Father’s Day card

Another packaging option is the Vance round box. This tin is a very versatile item for some smaller gifts. For example, you can wrap treats in it, but also jewelry, a gift card or a sweet message. Both Vance paper gift box and the Vance round box are reusable as packaging or to store items.

Father’s Day is mainly about letting those dear fathers know what they mean to us, because they deserve it! Send a Father’s Day card with a personalized message or make a homemade voucher and put it in a Vance envelope. Combine with some Flaxcord and Round Elastic cord for a tough and luxurious look.

Happy Father’s Day to you all!

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