Valentijnsverpakkingen - Originele ideeën om te verpakken

Looking for the best packaging materials for your Valentine gift? Stop searching! On this page I will show you a few possibilities of beautiful Vivant items you can use. Ideal and easy to combine with each other. Wrapping a Valentine gift is not only simple to do, but also fun! This way you can make your lover or friend not only happy with your gift, but also with the packaging!

Vellu heart ribbon & tag

Add a sweet touch to your gift with a Vellu heart ribbon or Vellu heart tag. Available in two different colors that perfectly match Valentine’s Day. By using these items, your gift will have a soft, warm and sweet look. Very nice to combine with the Cotton heart box which you will read more about in a moment.

Heart wax seal

Who doesn’t like an old-fashioned handwritten love letter? Write down your feelings, write things you might never say but feel and make something beautiful out of it. Put your letter in a nice envelope with matching cord or ribbon. Use, for example, our Cotton lurex twist cord. Seal your envelope with a Heart wax seal. They are very trendy and the perfect finish for any letter or gift.

Cotton heart box

The Cotton heart box is a small gift box with cotton look. By adding a nice ribbon, such as the Velvety or a Cotton heart tag, you make this box into an unique Valentine wrapping. The box is very suitable for packing cosmetics and jewelry. Later also handy and beautiful as a storage box or as a decoration box for your bath or living room.

Flower packaging and chocolate packaging for valentine

Vellu chocolate ribbon & tag

The way to someone’s heart is trough their stomach! Are you going to surprise your loved one with a delicious box of pralines or a bar of chocolate? Vivant has some nice items for this as well. For example Vellu chocolate tags or a Vellu chocolate ribbon. This makes your gift even more attractive.

Marbre paper & Stripa flower bag

Flowers always do fine. You can buy a whole bouquet, but smaller flowers in a pot are also nice to give and get. Put them in one of our Stripa flower bags and you’re ready to go!

Do you really want to make an impression this year? Then you can also choose dried flowers. They are the trend of the moment and also immortal. Ideal if you don’t really have green fingers. Wrap them in our Marbre paper and tie a nice bow around them. This way you will definitely show off!

Let everyone fall in love with your presents!

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