Ecological ribbons cords and table decoration

Sustainable packaging is becoming a higher priority for both brands and consumers – now more than ever before. Simply put, it is packaging that reduces its environmental footprint over time. Vivant contributes to this in several ways:

Ingredients: Using 100% recycled or raw materials.

Reusability: Creating a circular economy around packaging, extending its life cycle and usability.

Recycle & upcycle: From leftovers, Vivant makes something that is usable and beautiful at the same time.

100% natural ingredients

Within our range we have a number of options of natural materials to choose over, for example, polyester. We offer this in paper sheet or reels, but also in ribbons and other decorative materials. Banana paper, Silk paper, Carat paper & Mulberry Raw & Mulberry Grid, Ferro en Handmade paper consists of fibers from the banana plant. The pulp is made from young and fast-growing shoots of the mulberry tree, in order to preserve the original trees. Vivant has natural ribbons and cords such as: Malang ribbon, Revi ribbon, Papery ribbon, Paper twist cord, Papery cord, Seagrass, Flaxcord & Polished Hemp. Looking for ecological table decoration? We also have a number of stylish options for this: For example, Raphi and Bakari cutlery sleeves and placemats.


There are a number of packaging items that you can reuse as packaging after you receive them, but they can also be used in other ways. A  Cotton heart box, Grid box or a Vance round box can also be used as a storage box. So both a nice way to pack something and an addition to your interior!

Furthermore, we also have a Wish bottle decoration. With this item you can give your loved ones a sweet message as. After that it can be used as a bracelet or accessoire. For example, you can use it as a key chain on your handbag.

Recycled silk fiber balls, Wish bottle and Re-use cord

Recycling & upcycling

Vivant also uses paper flanges that can be reused and recycled. We do not only make sure that materials are recycled, but also upcycling plays an important role. Making something useful and beautiful out of leftovers. Within our collection we have, for example, Recycled silk lint, Recycled silk fiber balls en Re-use cord.

Recycled silk

All remnants of silk (particularly from the saree) are collected and cut to the desired width. Narrow strips are then sewn together and, if desired, dyed in a requested shade. The result is a ribbon consisting of silk remnants.

 Recycled silk fiber balls

Silk fabric waste is cut into strips, broken and then carded. During carding, the relatively short fibers are prepared for spinning. The fibers are first cleaned, unraveled and joined together using a comb with small spikes (card brush). After this process, it can be pulled and spun into yarn, creating recycled silk fiber balls. For more information about Recycled silk fiberballs, visit:

Re-use cord

Pieces of yarn that have been cut or rejected can no longer be used at factories. These yarns are collected and twisted together with other yarns to form a „new“ cord. In this way, a beautiful product is developed from residual material.

“Do something green today”

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