DIY recycled silk fiber balls

Recycled silk fiber balls are not only made of beautiful fibers, there is also a fascinating story behind its origin. It can be used in many different projects, from classic craft techniques like knitting and crochet, to trendy DIY projects, jewelry, gift wrapping and floral arrangements.

How it’s made?

Silk fabric waste is cut into strips, broken and then carded. During carding, the relatively short fibers are prepared for spinning. The fibers are first cleaned, unraveled and joined together using a comb with small spikes (card brush). After this process, it can be pulled and spun into yarn, creating recycled silk fiber balls.

Flower decorations

Bouquets and other flower arrangements are very easy to spice up with recycled silk fiber. For example, wrap a soft color like cream around a bouquet. This will make the arrangement just that little bit more special! Of course, you can also go for brighter colors like fuchsia, orange, red or green to make your bouquet more expressive.

Flower pots & vases are also great for decorating! Work the yarn for example into a weave, crochet or knit. This way you can combine different colors with each other. Create a light-dark contrast by combining colors such as cream and aubergine for a cool look or go for a  summer atmosphere with the colorful options of recycled silk fiber.

Recycled silk fiber balls

Wall creations

Add a personal touch to your interior by creating your own wall creation. Use different colors of recycled silk fiber in combination with other materials that suits your interior.

Dried flowers are the trend at the moment. It’s great fun to add them to your decoration! Or tie some flashy cord in between for a ‚golden touch‘. All in all it’s an enrichment for indoors and outdoors.

Let your creativity run wild!

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