Natural paper sheets and paper reels

Within our collection we have a number of natural paper options to brighten up your interior, garden or gift. By making more conscious choices, we can take the step towards greater sustainability together. Are you in?

Paper types

Our range of natural paper includes: Banana paper, Silk paper, Carat paper & Mulberry Raw, Ferro and Handmade paper. These papers consist of fibers from the banana plant or are made from ‚mulberry‘ pulp.

Our ecological mulberry paper is produced in a traditional and sustainable way. The paper pulp is made from the young and fast growing shoots of the mulberry tree, to preserve the original tree.

DIY paper projects

To decorate your interior, you can use this beautiful natural paper as a paper band around vases or pots. Or for scrapbooking or DIY garlands. Cut out several flowers and string them on a Paper Cord for a beautiful floral garland.

The paper is also suitable for folding fine wall decorations or ornaments. Fold trendy palm leaves from different paper types and sizes and fasten them against the wall. Or ‘honeycombs’, origami butterflies and hang them under the canopy of your garden. Fun to make and beauty guaranteed!

DIY natural paper projects

Gift packaging

Of course there are endless packaging options with this ecological paper. Wrap a sheet of Banana paper around a pretty bouquet of dried flowers to make nature even more present. Use our handmade paper Banana bags in combination with a beautiful ribbon of cord to wrap your gift in a special way! Would you rather make something yourself? Fold an envelope, mini bouquet, butterfly, palm leaf, or something completely different to give your gift a personal and above all, sustainable look!

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