Velvet deluxe pot bag / Bags and boxes

The Velvet Deluxe pot bags are new additions to the Bags & Boxes collection by Vivant. This velvety soft interior item has a plastic lining and can be used for applications.

The outer side of the Velvet Deluxe pot bag (item number: 5354D) is made of a soft fabric with a beautiful nap, giving it a luxurious, velvet look.

The inner lining features a waterproof plastic layer, so that the bag can hold herbs and flowerpots.

Velvet is making a huge comeback in interior design and fashion, with department stores, interior design shops, and garden centres being the major buyers of Velvet Deluxe pots.

The small Velvet Deluxe pot bag is most often used as a luxurious plant pot but can also be used as a storage basket or for other applications.

The Velvet Deluxe pot bag comes in 2 sizes: the small bag is 11 centimetres high and has a diameter of 13 centimetres, while the larger bag is 14 centimetres high and has a diameter of 16 centimetres, Besides these Velvet Deluxe pot bags, we supply baskets and large storage baskets without a waterproof lining, Velvet Deluxe table runners, and Velvet Deluxe ribbon.

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