Velvet bunny / Decorations

Velvet bunny sleeves as a beautiful table decoration at Easter or as an eye catcher in your shop window between the newest spring collection.

Velvet bunnies (art. 5356D) are hare-silhouette sleeves from our Velvet deluxe quality. Original as interior decoration or store decoration during the spring and Easter period. Wholesale, retail, and department stores usually use this cuddly table decoration as decoration material for Easter. This article is also very popular as a birthday gift or Easter gift.

The velvet bunny sleeves come in 3 sizes. The two largest are suitable for various bottles or glasses. The smallest size is perfect to use as an egg warmer. There are three colors available, in taupe, olive green and cream. The height of the hares are 18.5 cm, 40 cm and 52 cm respectively.

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