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Spring Dots cord: cute cord with fluffy balls for all kinds of creative applications. Adorable, decorative cord from the Spring/Summer collection by Vivant.

Users buy Spring Dots cord (item number 1162) to decorate bouquets, wreaths, and other arrangements. This flexible cord is used during all kinds of festivities as a gift decoration, interior decoration, and craft material. The colourful, fluffy cord has been a popular decorative item with retailers and wholesalers for many years now. The small pom-poms on thin, iron wire conjure up various associations depending on their colour. The cream version is reminiscent of willow catkins, while more vibrant colours are associated with the circus, carnival events, and parties, and the white balls look like snowflakes. This wiry, pliable spring decoration gives every gift box an eye-catching look.

Spring Dots cord is a long-standing Vivant favourite and is available in 8 colours. Each dot has a diameter of approximately 8 millimetres. The cord is available on rolls of 10 metres.

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