Silk (lace paper) / Paper

Since the beginning of Vivant, Silk Paper has been a favourite with our customers thanks to its high quality and large range of 50 colours. This favourite basic item is part of the paper collection by Vivant.

Vivant’s Silk Paper (item number: 7101) is a soft tissue paper featuring clearly visible mulberry tree fibres. The base of this silk paper comes from the fast-growing shoots of the mulberry tree and is produced in a traditional, sustainable way.

The gift paper is used in textiles and clothing, cosmetics, and home furnishing shops. such as paper wrap for clothing or flowers or to line luxury bags and boxes for ties and cosmetics.

As this Silk paper is such a versatile product, Vivant has incorporated it into placemats, bags, table runners, and paper decorative ribbon as well as coated floral paper. This paper comes in a huge range of up to 50 colours, including white, bright spring green, lilac, and burgundy. It is available on rolls of 1.5, 5, and 25 metres. The sheets of Silk Paper are 93 centimetres x 63 centimetres.

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