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Satin Twist cord: a twisted satin cord for decorative use. Satin Twist is a luxurious rope from the Cords collection by Vivant.

Our retail and specialist wholesale customers purchase Satin Twist cord (item number: 4602) thanks to its luxurious appearance and use as a packaging cord, twine, and craft item. With a ceremonial appearance that evokes an association with luxury curtains, uniforms, and costumes,

this beautifully shiny cord is perfect for creating chic packaging for Christmas gifts, as a cord for tassels, or for making jewellery. The satin cord is also perfect for decorating Christmas wreaths.

Satin Twist cord is available in a palette of 8 satin colours, including champagne, silver, and gold. The plain colour of the cord means it’s easy to pair with printed satin ribbon. It is available in rolls of 25 metres.

Color chart

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