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Cotton Pompon Deluxe garland: a luxury party decoration for Christmas, Easter, or birthdays from Vivant’s collection.

The Cotton Pompon Deluxe garland (item number: 1050) is a sparkly, hand-made, cotton garland with lurex accents. It’s perfect for decorating the Christmas tree, the table, or wrapping around wreaths.

This festive garland is sold at wholesalers, department stores, and within the retail trade as an interior decoration, shop window decoration, and Christmas garland. The pom-pom garland makes for an original touch to other luxury Easter decorations. The cotton garland is easy to combine with the Pompon Deluxe tassels, small and large Pompons Deluxe, and Cotton Lurex ornaments by Vivant.

This pom-pom garland is available in 9 colours. The white garland is combined with silver lurex, while all other coloured garlands are combined with golden lurex wire. The pom-poms are distributed over 2.5 metres of cord but can be moved along the cord. The total length of the cotton pom-pom garland is 4.5 metres.

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