New palette ribbon / (Basic) Ribbons

New Palette: the monochrome packaging ribbon for hobbyists or professional users.

The New Palette ribbon is one of the familiar classics from the Basics collection by Vivant.

For many of our customers in the retail segment and wholesale trade, this New Palette ribbon (item number 5403) is a permanent item in their ribbon collection. They use the semi-transparent ribbon to create spectacular Easter packaging and flower arrangements. It’s also great as a basic ribbon in combination with other ribbons, as a gift bow, or to hang things up with.

The New Palette ribbon series has an exceptionally competitive price

and is available in over 20 colours. New trend colours are regularly added to the colour line. This gift ribbon is available in 3 widths: 25 millimetres, 40 millimetres, and 70 millimetres. As we stock this item, we can deliver extremely quickly. Thanks to its semi-transparent, natural look, you can use this cut-edge ribbon for almost any purpose.

Color chart

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