Mulberry raw / Vivant natural paper

Mulberry raw paper is a luxurious handmade paper with visible mulberry fibers. Packing products with special wrapping paper always gives a luxurious look.

The Mulberry raw paper (item 1085) is characterized by the fibers of the mulberry shoots in the paper. These fibers ensure a natural appearance. Each sheet is unique. The Mulberry raw paper is a natural paper with deckle edge. We also produce other paper products from Mulberry shoots such as silk paper bags, gift envelopes, decorative silk paper ribbon in different widths and paper placemats.

The natural Mulberry paper is mostly used by florists, hobby stores and garden centers. For example, wrapping flowers, for scrapbooking or as gift wrapping. In short, the applicability of this handmade paper is very extensive.

Mulberry raw paper is available in gift sheets on rolls with the dimension 100 cm x 70 cm in its natural ecru color.

Color chart

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