Flaxcord XS / (Basic) Cords

Flaxcord XS cord: a naturally pure, twined jute product for both professional and craft applications.

Flaxcord XS is the thinner version of the well-known Flaxcord rope from the Basics collection by Vivant.

Just like its big brother, Flaxcord XS (item number 1150) has become a fixture in many customers’ cord collections. The cord is widely used and sold in the garden and flower trade. The rope is made of ‘hairy,’ natural fibres and is perfect for tying, hanging up objects, and other practical applications. The cord is sold in department stores, gift shops, and craft shops for packaging gifts, scrapbooking, and as interior decoration. It gives an authentic look to vases, plant pots, and ornaments. The cord is also perfect as a decorative thread or bow in combination with kraft-paper gift bags and wrapping paper.

Flaxcord XS by Vivant is very competitively priced. The colours may vary slightly because it is a natural product.

You can choose from a wide palette of over 20 coloured ropes, which are available in a thickness of 1 millimetre. You can also choose from a retail packaging wrapped on bamboo stick (± 50 metres) or for a large, individual user role of 250 grams (± 500 metres). We also have a thicker Flaxcord of 4 mm, as well as a twisted, two-tone version and a twined, three-tone version. As we stock Flaxcord XS, we can deliver extremely quickly.

Color chart

1150 1151 Flaxcord Flax cord XS tricolor

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