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Pole ribbon Faye: the ribbon is cut from tufted material. Faye ribbon is a trendy ribbon from the Vivant spring collection.

This Faye ribbon (4660) and table runner performs very well in shop windows of perfumery and cosmetic shops. The white variant is used both for decorating spring interiors – and a more brumal setting. The base of this ribbon is a semi-transparent fabric on which long fringes / yarns are attached. Decorators usually tie the ribbon flat as a decorative ribbon around vases and pots. In addition as a packaging ribbon to drugstore packaging and gifts from the jeweler.

In addition to the Faye ribbon, there is also a table runner that completes the Faye look.

The ribbon is available in 40 mm and 70 mm width with a cut edge. You can choose from white or a pink / nude tone. The ribbon is available in rolls of 10 meters.

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