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Vivant’s Crispy flat bag are decorative gift bags from the Bags & Boxes collection.These mesh pouches are perfect for small gifts.

Crispy flat bags (item number: 4475F) are openwork gift bags made of polyester wire. The meshes have organic shapes, which means that the packaged item is still largely visible. The satin cord can be used to close the gift bag at the top. These Crispy gift bags are extremely popular with our customers from retail, wholesale, and the manufacturing industry.

These mesh bags are often used as packaging for chocolate eggs at Easter and as packaging for sweets or gifts at Christmas.

The Crispy gift bags come in 2 sizes.

The small mesh gift bags have a size of 10 centimetres x 7 centimetres, while the largest is 17 centimetres x 12 centimetres.

These gift bags with a decorative grid are available in more than 15 colours.

Whether you’re looking for a white bag as a wedding ring bag, a yellow sweets bag as an Easter package, or a pink or blue gift bag for dragées.

The product comes in a broad range of colours, so there’s always a design that suits the occasion.

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